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Ludovic Geilich

Team partypoker

Ludovic Geilich - Team partypoker

Name: Ludovic Geilich

Nationality: Scottish

partypoker screen name: Gr4vyBo4t

Ludovic Geilich made a simple three-word deal with himself as he broke onto the poker scene – “go for it.” Over $2M in tournament winnings later and that deal remains firmly intact.

It was in the unlikely setting of a Glaswegian snooker club where Ludo stumbled across the game he would later turn into a profession. The young Scot switched the felt of the snooker table for the felt of the poker table, but continues to mesmerise opponents with trick shots to this day.

Ludo’s eye-catching performance at the UK EPT Main Event demonstrated his out-of-the-box play, securing 4th place for over $300K in the process. This served as a template for Ludo’s distinctive style. Trying to decipher what’s in Ludo’s hand is much like tackling a cryptic crossword - the clues are obscure and frustrating, the answer often evasive.

Winning a PLO High Roller for $460K, the partypoker Millions Grand Final Open for over $300K and consistent online success over a number of years is testament to Ludo’s versatility. With his drive and passion ever-increasing, expect to see further major results across multiple formats.

The Scotsman is box office viewing. Watch him throw his opponents into a whirlpool of confusion with a combination of outlandish play and deeply sarcastic humour.